Omnichannel Marketing Automation

Not All Accounts Are Equal In Value, So Why Create Equal Experiences For Them?

It's okay to play favorites... in fact, it's necessary!

Over 200,000 brands are using Mautic to create superior marketing across all channels personalized to every single account and website visitor.

Marketing automation doesn’t have to be the necessary evil that creates more pain than joy. With Mautic, it’s easier than ever to build email nurture campaigns, personalize messages, execute A/B tests and measure results. It simplifies marketing automation for everyone on your team, eliminating the need for dedicated, certified staff to execute your campaigns.

As a result, your team will be able to launch campaigns in minutes, not days, leaving more time to focus on the important milestones for reaching your goals.

The best marketing automation
Personalize Experiences Across All Touchpoints

Personalize Experiences Across All Touchpoints

Potential customers aren’t located in one place. They are everywhere and consistently engaging with brands on their preferred channels.

Personalize your brand messaging to each website visitor across social media, SMS, email, and much more.

Create Smarter Campaigns

Create Smarter Campaigns

Get meaningful insights from a real-time dashboard into the actual behavior and actions of each single website visitor. This will allow you to develop insight-driven digital strategies, customer journeys, and personalized user experiences for each user.

Automate marketing across all channels

Make One Feel Like A Hundred

Creating content in various rich media formats can be quite hectic. The cost and time to create content require a dedicated marketing team supported by web design and technical know-how.

Vardot Marketing Automation has a quicker learning curve and can help you deliver superior marketing campaigns in a matter of minutes even if you had only one dedicated person to marketing.

Deliver Superior Results

Easier Integration

Unparalleled flexibility to integrate with all key marketing, sales, and business solutions.

Intelligent Coordination

Between your marketing, sales, and customer service teams.

Account-Based Marketing

Create the full experience for each user. From websites, to SaaS platforms, eCommerce and mobile.


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