A Website That Celebrates Modern American School’s Digital Strategy

A fully integrated, mobile responsive, Drupal-based platform for a superior educational experience.

Modern American School Drupal 9 Website

The Modern American School is a leading learning institution with a mission, to nurture generations of global thinkers and responsible citizens through their global curriculum.

Vardot and the Modern American School share a long history of working together in redefining higher education digital experiences - and this project launched early 2021 marks a particular milestone: The Modern American School is the first Drupal 9 higher education digital experience in the region.

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3rd Party Integrations

Distance and virtual learning have become standard practices for higher education institutions. The Modern American School addressed this new reality by utilizing Drupal-powered technology to integrate critical tools that provide access to vital resources via their new Drupal 9 website.

Higher Education Drupal 9 Website

Robust Digital Asset Management

Drupal provides the ability to seamlessly manage and maintain all media from the website’s backend, and reuse images and videos that were previously uploaded. This ensures that brand consistency is maintained, and provides a way to easily access content through a categorized assets system.

Some features worth mentioning:

  • Uploading multiple media assets at once through a drag-and-drop interface
  • The ability to specify the most important portion of any image by setting a “Focal Point”
  • Auto-resizing of  multiple images in various sizes, to achieve design consistency and performance optimization
Better website performance and speed

Faster Page Loading

Drupal 9's powerful upgrades to the user experience are not limited to managing the various content formats that the website needs to display - it also complies with the best practices expected by Google in terms of technical on-site SEO performance.

Combining Varbase CMS with proper custom coding and structure enabled the school's website visitors to navigate faster and enjoy a hassle-free experience.