A Fully Responsive, Mobile Optimized Student-Centric Website for AUC

Redefining higher education digital experiences!

American University of Cairo

AUC required a site equipped with the SEO infrastructure to attract new visitors and increase page views; improve navigation and content management in order to enhance loyalty rates, increase the depth of visit to 2-5 pages, increase the average time spent on site, and decrease bounce rate.

With the goal of revamping the university's website into a streamlined education portal by optimizing the site for mobile, enhancing its SEO capabilities, improving its navigation, and centralizing its resource management infrastructure, Vardot set about providing AUC with the web solution it needed.

AUC Drupal 9 website case study

The overall objective was to build a public-facing website that enhanced AUC’s visibility as a regional leader in higher education, while concurrently improving user-friendliness and providing students and prospective students with a platform equipped with the digital tools they need to succeed.

An assessment of the existing AUC website structure identified opportunities to:

  • Reduce redundancy by eliminating duplicate pages and combining overlapping pages;
  • Simplify the structure by consolidating related information into fewer pages;
  • Focus on key information by removing empty, outdated, or irrelevant pages;
  • Prioritize audiences by relocating internal audience-focused information to another portal;

With these issues clearly defined as a starting point, Vardot set about redesigning and redeveloping AUC's website with these deliverables:

  • It needed to be fully responsive and mobile-optimized;
  • It needed to be designed to facilitate the effective organization of content;
  • It needed to include intuitive navigation pathways;
  • It needed to facilitate longer site visits, with deeper exploration and higher engagement;
  • It needed to integrate all of AUC’s social media content;

And finally, the delivered product needed to adhere to best practices for improved search engine visibility.