Deliver Premium Digital Healthcare.

Many global healthcare institutions, hospitals, and professionals have joined the likes of life sciences giant Pfizer in adopting Drupal to power their digital experiences.

People are careful to contact the right healthcare provider and as such scrutinize everything - first impressions and convenience are critical when it comes to their health.

With Drupal optimized experiences; you can easily take your healthcare to higher levels.

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Healing Tech

"The team's reliable services continue to effectively support the site's functionality. The platform is exceptionally secure and it loads quickly."


Rasha Ahmed
Communications Manager @ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International

Automated Healthcare

Automated Healthcare

From secure transfer of medical reports, digital assets and files to automating the patients' entire booking experience. Patients will appreciate the seamless interaction and communication with their healthcare provider.

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Full Compliance with Standards

Full Compliance with Standards

According to the HIPAA, thousands of medical records were breached in the past decade alone. Drupal will ensure that both your hospital or clinic will be fully compliant with PCI and HIPAA standards for privacy and security.

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Why Drupal Is Better

Full Compliance

Your healthcare institution will be fully compliant with HIPAA regulations and WCAG 2.0 Accessibility standards.


Content publishing and management is easier with Drupal. No need for technical expertise to promote your business.


Secure communication between your clinic staff and patients through automated messaging across all channels.

Custom Modules

Robust and flexible CMS that allows for advanced level of personalization and custom technical needs.


CMS features will be upgraded at zero extra cost thanks to the ongoing support of the open-source community.


Customize the user experience to deepen patient engagement and improve provider satisfaction.

Holistic Healthcare Experience

Holistic Healthcare Experience

Create a fully comprehensive digital experience that can integrate with all healthcare tools, online services, and apps. Build digital medical knowledge repositories, automate booking, integrate your EHR systems, and much more.

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