Eastern Mediterranean Poison Centers Network

Launching Faster to Market


The Eastern Mediterranean Poison Centers Network (EMPCCN) plays a critical role in enhancing the ability of member states in the MENA region to tackle poisoning-related issues through the dissemination of information, advocacy, education and research.

The EMPCCN’s digital infrastructure did not support their strategic objectives and they identified their urgent need to upgrade their network communications capabilities as a major impediment to their mission.

However, their lack of technical expertise and resources was a challenge that needed to be addressed. A challenge quickly addressed by Vardot and Varbase CMS.



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Launching Faster To Market

The EMPCCN needed a solution that enabled them to launch their website and additional digital projects quickly without compromising quality or performance; hence they decided to use a Distribution instead of a typical CMS.

Varbase (a Drupal 9 Distribution and CMS) packs all the critical modules, best practices, and features enabling the EMPCCN to save hundreds of development hours and launch their website in record time.

Lack of Tech Expertise

Nonprofits typically do not have many resources dedicated to supporting their tech infrastructure nor a fully equipped in-house tech department to inform the decision-making process with regards to realizing the short-term and long-term goals of their digital strategy.

Hence, the right investment in the right solution to overcome this challenge had to be considered from the onset.

Collaboration Across the Network

A key objective that the EMPCCN needed to achieve is seamless communication and coordination with their partners across their network.

Their current setup didn’t support this objective and restricted their ability to collaborate effectively.

Enabling Non-Technical Users

The EMPCCN needed a CMS that enabled their content marketing team and website admins to seamlessly deliver their tasks, hassle-free.

Non-technical team members must be able to easily use all the advanced features of their new CMS through a guided user experience to successfully build new dynamic pages, publish content optimized for search engines, and much more.

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Flexibility and Growth

Flexibility and Growth

Building their new Drupal 8 website using Varbase, the EMPCCN can enjoy the right balance between functionality and user experience.

Using Varbase as their CMS; they were able to strategically align their business objectives with their digital infrastructure. They can now easily:

  • Build multiple sites and domains quickly run by the same CMS.
  • Optimize their content for localized search engine behaviors.
  • Keep up with the latest module updates and UX upgrades.
  • Integrate all mission-critical technologies they will need at any time.
  • Build dynamic and personalized web pages with Varbase's Layout Builder module.
Effective Collaboration

Effective Collaboration

As a wide network across the EMEA and MENA regions - the EMPCCN's website serves as the central hub for collaboration, coordination, and communication for all members in the network.

Varbase enabled non-technical users to efficiently and easily upload dynamic content through a user-defined roles and permissions moderation system.

The flexibility provided by Varbase to integrate any technology necessary in the future to enhance collaboration is also a major boost for the EMPCCN going forward. They have opted to integrate Slack in their website as the first step towards creating a dynamic digital collaboration experience.

Content Structure

Content Structure and Visibility

Many people beyond the network members rely on the work and information that the EMPCCN provides - hence the need for optimal content visibility and reach.

Varbase enables EMPCCN's team to build new landing pages and create content in a manner that complies with the best practices highlighted by major search engines such as Google.

All content uploaded can be translated into multiple languages enhancing their ability to localize their content for a more diverse audience of visitors searching for answers across the world.

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