Enterprise CMS

Enterprise CMS

Engage a global audience by building your websites with the world's best open-source multilingual Drupal 9 Distribution and CMS - Varbase.

  • Superior SEO
  • Best-in-class Enterprise Security
  • Powerful Customization Capabilities
  • Decoupled and Multilingual
  • Flexible Integrations
  • Continuously Supported and Upgraded
  • Multisite Functionality
  • Hundreds of Essential Modules and UX Features
  • Save Hundreds of Development Hours

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Multilingual enterprise Drupal 9 CMS

"Vardot and the UNRWA received 4 prestigious awards for the work done delivering an innovative UNRWA website. A great achievement and I look forward to continue working with Vardot."


Pierre Krähenbühl
Commissioner-General of the UNRWA

Drupal 9 Distribution and Website Builder

Full Enterprise Ecosystem Integration

Varbase is the most globally deployed Drupal 8 distribution thanks to its ability to offer native support for critical integrations that enable you to become a connected enterprise ecosystem of applications - resulting in a unique and comprehensive enterprise digital experience.

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Powering enterprise-grade websites and digital experiences.

Drupal 9 CMS

Secure and Comprehensive

Constantly tested and validated, Varbase includes over 100 Drupal 8 features and enhancements that enable you to build a digital experience that enjoys hardened security to meet enterprise security policies whilst being fully compliant with accessibility, technical, and information assurance standards.

Upgrade Performance

Enterprise-Level Solution

Wider Audiences

Supporting multiple languages and naturally SEO friendly; our mobile-enhanced CMS enables you to reach wider audiences.

Launch Faster

Faster delivery of digital experiences through a best-of-breed approach that saves hundreds of hours.

Lower Cost of Ownership

The lower total cost of ownership is the benefit of investing in open-source software and customizations instead of licenses.

Build multiple Drupal 9 websites

Build Multiple Websites

Enterprises with multiple domains and website requirements can easily build those projects with Varbase while saving over 200 hours of development work. All multiple sites and domains can share a database without negatively impacting the performance of any of those platforms.

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