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We felt like we were working with a true partner rather than a vendor.

Idriss Skalli
Project Leader

The team's reliable services continue to effectively support the site's functionality. The platform is exceptionally secure and it loads quickly. 

Rasha Ahmed
Communications Manager

Continuously available, took the time to truly understand content and goals, extremely organized, meticulous attention to detail, working within the budget and tight timeline.

Joy Curzio
IASLC Implementing Consultant

I really appreciate the work done by Vardot on many projects since 2011. Dedicated, responsible, and results-oriented. A pleasure to collaborate with and highly recommended.

Safdar Mustafa
Head of Product Management

We have been delighted with the whole process and the ongoing support/maintenance service we're receiving.

Anne Corning
Marketing Officer

Working with Vardot has made a big difference in expanding our market through the products we offer.

Marc DeVincent

Vardot and the UNRWA received 4 prestigious awards for the work done delivering an innovative UNRWA website. A great achievement and I look forward to continue working with Vardot.

Pierre Krähenbühl
Commissioner General of the UNRWA

There was an immediate 60% increase in traffic stats. They have excellent project management capabilities and can deliver work on time.

Nayana Jayarajan
Media & Communications Officer

They exceeded my expectations by showing strong technical expertise complemented by effective communications.

Mattias Ekeroth

Their dedication, the personal attention, follow-up, and attitude to find viable solutions to everything, the way they treated our project as their own - as if they had as much a stake in its success as we do.

Vera Azar
Director of Communications and Publications

The website launch had a huge impact on our business with revamped design, user friendly navigation, more content, and information layout is easier and sections are easy to find with quick links. The website is faster has enhanced functionalities.

Hana Feidi
Marketing Manager

Their communication was clear and simple. Vardot’s project management was a cut above the competition. They kept us up to date and stuck to the timeline. That was excellent. I recommended them to many people already.

Ariel Janzen
Marketing & Comm Specialist

They showed passion, commitment, and creativity for the project. They're also very professional. They managed to solve obstacles/ issues that we faced during the development phase and after the launch in a very short time and a critical manner.

Heba Safi
Technical Officer

Their managers have developed a good relationship — they’re reliable, meet deadlines, and communicate clearly. They hold expectations with their staff and us to help set reasonable deadlines for our internal needs to ensure that the project is successful.

Derek Swanson
Director of Learning Innovaiton

Vardot were very flexible, they've over delivered. They focused on providing results and value, instead of wanting money for themselves! I've never worked with a dedicated team like that.

Digital Marketing Consultant

They had a high attention to detail, flexibility, and were committed to timelines. They provided a very good system. The end result was totally approved by us. I’m satisfied with the CMS, the look and feel of the website, and the user journey. 

Ramzi Arslan
Senior ICT & Operations Manager

Vardot impressively trained us in different areas in which their scope lies.

Marketing & Comms Specialist

I'm highly satisfied with Vardot, during the project work, the final product, and post-launch support and follow up.

Sakarias Eriksson
Digital Engagement Officer

The Vardot team has been great at communicating timelines; there’s great clarity in terms of the options and time we have. They tell us how our choices affect or push back the entire process. It’s always helpful for us to not only be held to a deadline but also understand why such a thing is necessary. 

Nelle Dunlap
Digital Director

Drupal teams can be tough to find, and they have exceeded our already high expectations at every turn. We have seen immediate results from our earliest implementation. 

Kathryn Hamm

They are always approachable. They are an excellent firm.

Eileen Palmer
Communications Officer

They have managed to meet our expectations to have a dynamic, modern, and revamped website. Along with online features such as Careers, Website administration tool without the need for technical experience, and a lot more related to the look and feel and images database.

Bashar Alhajj

Case study

Raising the Standards of Accessibility for the Study of Lung Cancer

Powered by Drupal and Varbase, the IASLC transforms its website into a dynamic evolving digital experience.


Reduced On-Site SEO Errors


Safe Migration for 1,500+ Nodes


CMS for Future Micro Sites

Arab Leopard Fund, established as a part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 by The Royal Commission For AlUla (RCU), is dedicated to focusing on environmental sustainability within the Kingdom. The

WSSCC Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council

The UN-Water is a United Nations subsidiary dedicated exclusively to addressing water-related issues and challenges. This historic collaboration between UN members and partners, dating back to 1977

High tech drupal 10 website

Vardot leveraged Enlyte's digital presence by fixing bugs, optimizing Site Studio, advising on content governance, and streamlining multi-site publishing.

US Elections

The Cook Political Report (CPR), a prestigious and independent online newsletter led by Amy Walter, offering expert analysis of U.S. elections. With a rich history dating back to 1984, when it was

Leadership Training Workshop

Global Executive Leadership Initiative (GELI) is a non-profit initiative supported by USAID, European Union, and German Humanitarian Assistance, with a mission to inspire exceptional leadership

Afghan Refugees Housing

The Afghan Support and Investment Program (ASIP) offers a glimmer of hope to refugees fleeing the war in Afghanistan. Their mission is to provide essential resources, such as housing, healthcare and

UNHCR Donations case study

Empowering UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency through advanced donations platform facilitates helping millions of displaced people with much-needed funding.

RCSO Case Study Teaser image

Vardot built an enterprise-grade solution, that will further RCSO's goal of providing globally relevant, evidence-based documentation to inform policymaking on gender equality.

Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières) case study

With a super-fast, responsive site that has a newly integrated donations platform, MSF is set up to maximize its ability to fund its future.

the-united-states-capitol-building States Newsroom case study Teaser image

Vardot enabled States Newsroom to build and launch a new scalable enterprise-grade news site that continues their goal of providing high-quality state reporting and excellent UX


Migration to Drupal 8 guaranteed that all existing critical modules that were no longer supported would enjoy maintenance and continuous upgrades.

Fitness First UAE

Decoupled Progressive React Apps and multiple sites managed by one powerful enterprise-grade CMS.