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Handling on-site performance-related issues is a critical stage of website development. Link building and other off-site SEO efforts are useless if your on-site SEO isn't taken care of from the beginning.

  • Superior Drupal SEO Features
  • Reach Wider Audiences
  • Multilingual SEO
  • Integrated Analytics
  • Monitoring and Tracking
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Google Certified Consultancy

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Google Certified SEO Consultancy

"There was an immediate 60% increase in traffic stats. They have excellent project management capabilities and can deliver work on time."

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Advanced Google Analytics Management

Build Enhanced Webpages

We enable you to build websites that are optimized for search engine bot crawlers and avoid any penalties from engines like Google.

On-Site SEO factors such as Schema.org, meta tags, Page URL structure, mobile-friendliness, page load speed, rich snippets, and much more are all accounted for and relieve the user from the hassle of monitoring them constantly.

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Vardot's Acquia certified team is trusted with migrating websites across all key industries.

Rank Higher on Search Engines

Create Shareable Content

Brands that opted to build their websites using Varbase benefitted from the built-in features that enhance their ability to guarantee that their content is search engine optimized.

Besides taking care of all technical on-site SEO factors on your webpages - Varbase features constantly updated SEO best practices and guides you while creating content to ensure your work is built to be shareable across all social media networks.

Upgrade Your CMS

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Faster Performance

Page loading speed is fast with up to 4 secs time need to load complete page content. The layout is optimized for scanning and design is polished to ensure a quick first response.

Target Audiences Better

Assistance while creating content to ensure that each webpage is unique and targets single search user intent while monitoring content logic and readability.

Optimize Across Devices

Optimized rendering of pages and content across any screen size and all popular browsers to ensure a consistent user experience.

Ongoing SEO Support

Monitoring and Reporting

Our digital growth and continuity team constantly monitors the on-site SEO performance of all our client websites to ensure optimal performance at all times. This enables us to focus on any particular technical or on-site SEO issue that may arise and fix directly.

We provide a comprehensive report that includes a monthly performance audit of the website in addition to focused recommendations to enhance SEO both on and off-site.

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