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71% of the top 100 universities rely on Drupal to create digital learning experiences. Join the elite in creating the best of the web.

  • Robust Performance

  • Enterprise Security

  • Central Management for Multiple Sites

  • Scalable

  • Multilingual User Experiences

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Better SEO

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The best CMS for Universities

"The dedication and personal attention they showed was very impressive. Our website performance was enhanced significantly and generated more traffic."


Vera Azar
Director of Communications @ King's Academy

Build the best university website digital experience

Become A Digital Campus

Transforming your campus into a connected breathing experience will lead to a wide array of opportunities. Seamless Interaction between the faculty and student bodies will enable you to track and improve engagement thanks to the enhanced communication via multiple secure digital channels.

Become A Digital Campus

Why Drupal Is Better

Smart Investment

Drupal allows for centralized content managed for multiple college domains - which means reduced administrative costs.

Better Personalization

Most universities' student body consists of diverse demographics. Drupal optimizes their experience across all devices.

Easier Content Management

From content creation to editing and moderation. Your university or college can control every step of its publication process.

Bibliography + Citation

This module provides an API to render a complete bibliography citation, reference data, and keywords for all academic sources.

Entity Registration

Displays cross-department events on one platform, allows campus staff to send custom reminders & set registration dates.

Quiz Module

Multiple formats of tests and quizzes for students, save their scores and responses in a database and display results in real-time.

Open Source CMS for Universities and Schools

Speak Their Language

Become a multilingual recruitment powerhouse thanks to Drupal’s superior personalization features and translation capabilities. Your international recruitment and marketing efforts will be supported by the best-in-class on-site SEO to enable you to capture, convert and grow your potential recruits.

Reach A Wider Audience

"The new system has more than 200 users and has led to an increase in paperless communications. Vardot developed an efficient system that has met expectations."


Abdelrahman Ibrahim
Software Engineer @ King Khalid University

Multi domain higher education website CMS

Multiple Domains. One Database.

Build dedicated platforms for every department, school, library, lab, wiki system, eLearning, and social campus life using one database. Yet, all can be centrally managed easily by an admin or moderator overseeing the university’s various departments' compliance with guidelines, rules, and policies.

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