Arabian Leopard Fund, From Cause to Drupal

Arab Leopard Fund, part of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 by RCU, focuses on conserving the Arabian leopard.

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Arab Leopard Fund, established as a part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 by The Royal Commission For AlUla (RCU), is dedicated to focusing on environmental sustainability within the Kingdom. The initiatives highlight the critical need to protect the Arabian leopard, whose numbers are dwindling below 200.

The fund provides educational opportunities, supports research, and offers grants aiming to raise awareness, enhance conservation practices, and conserve this heritage for future generations to come.

This project was a fruit of collaboration with our strategic partner, BCG, whose support and expertise helped to bring this initiative to life.

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The website for the Arab Leopard Fund needed to fulfill several key objectives to support its mission of environmental sustainability and preserving the Arabian leopard. The primary goals we needed to address in our process were:

  • Raise awareness about the critical situation of the Arabian leopard.
  • Support ongoing conservation efforts through education, research support, and grants.
  • Facilitate the application and management of grants and education scholarships.
  • Engage the community and stakeholders to foster collaboration and participation.
  • Provide up-to-date information and resources on conservation initiatives.

Business workflows

To support the client’s business needs and workflows, a Drupal solution was implemented with an intuitive content management interface to allow the client’s team to manage and update the website content, sections, or pages easily. While also serving as a gateway for a seamless grant application in the front face and a grant management system in the backend.

Drupal as an excellent choice to manage internal processes and workflows, offered its robust content management systems to allow for customizable workflows and stages of grant application.

Its modular architecture enabled integrations of various functions facilitating easy collaboration between teams while Its strong security features protect the data throughout the entire process.


To achieve these goals, the website had to be designed with several crucial features in mind:

  • Optimized Multimedia Content; fast and high-quality.
  • User-Friendly Design; intuitive and engaging.
  • Cross-Device Accessibility; responsive on all devices.
  • Content Management; easy updates and organization.
  • Grant Application Workflow; streamlined process.
  • Bilingual Support; multiple languages.


To maximize website visibility and reach, comprehensive SEO strategies were implemented to identify key terms that will help raise the fund to search pages. The website meta information, descriptive URLs, alternative image texts, image optimization, and page speed optimization also played a role in enhancing the website’s organic search-ability on the internet.

Design Aesthetic

Design Aesthetics

The design of the website was focused on creating an appealing and impactful experience. Guided by the colors of nature and wildlife palette, we came up with a clean and modern design offering high-quality footage to connect the audience to the cause, from the typeface to the parallax.

The layout was designed to be cross-device friendly and accessible while ensuring a consistent experience. The design went through multiple rounds of user testing to gather feedback and the navigation was simplified to help users find information easily.


The website was designed to cater to both Arabic and English-speaking audiences, and Drupal’s robust internationalization capabilities ensured that all content were translated. This included right-to-left implementation to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience for both languages. Drupal’s flexible content management system on the other hand allowed for easy content updates and maintenance of bilingual content.

Final thoughts

The highly functional, visually stunning website communicated the urgency of preserving the Arabian leopard. The website successfully engages a diverse range of visitors with its multimedia content, aesthetics, and bilingualism.

A key feature of the website was the grants application workflow, which was designed to be user-friendly and multistep, offering efficiency and simplicity. Researchers and organizations could apply through an online form that integrates securely with a content management system allowing a seamless business process implementation.

Through this collaboration with our strategic partner BCG, the project achieved its objectives, supporting the Arab Leopard Fund’s mission within the framework of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

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