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Radiant Vision Systems

Radiant Vision Systems

Based in Redmond, WA, Radiant Vision Systems engineers advanced imaging systems to critically evaluate light, color, manufacturing integrity, and surface quality of illuminated displays and device assemblies.

World leaders in manufacturing rely on Radiant Vision Systems for test and measurement solutions that ensure quality, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies.

As such, Radiant Vision Systems must remain at the forefront of digital technology to maintain standards and grow.

This is where Vardot comes in.


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Multilingual UX

Leveling Up on CMS Performance

Immersive engagement is the real standard when it comes to user experiences in the digital world.

To achieve that objective, Radiant Vision Systems needed a better CMS.

A CMS that focuses on end-user experience AND enables future growth and scalability - Varbase CMS was an obvious choice as it met those strategic requirements:

  • Multilingual (English and Chinese) UX
  • Built-in SEO enhancements
  • Flexible Page Layout Building
  • Enterprise-grade Security
  • Structured templates
  • Custom Integrations


Researching User Journeys

Structuring Content Relationships

Each user journey was crafted to become purposeful and focused on conversion - by defining each journey's relevant elements such as related resources, products, or applications.

Our improvements to the UI/UX focused on a neater content structure, user behavior, and enhancing the website’s technical performance when it comes to Core Web Vitals.

Custom Integrations

Integrating UX Best Practices

Varbase provided Radiant Vision Systems with the capability to integrate with tech they currently rely upon - namely, Marketo for automated email marketing and Cloudflare, for automated redirection based on geolocation.

This flexible capability to integrate those tools to the new CMS enabled their marketing team to activate enhanced lead generation and progressive tracking scripts.

With Marketo, the website visitors are now able to download multiple assets and resources without the need to refill forms thanks to autosaved data - making future downloads easier and more convenient.

Cloudflare reconfiguration enabled them to provide their Chinese target market with a faster page loading experience.