A Transformational Multilingual Experience for Holool Aloula’s Clients

A mobile-first, multilingual, and search engine optimized website focused on delivering a seamless user journey.

Holool Aloula

Holool Aloula is a leading company in the business services field including logistics, information technology solutions, and training and consultancy services. Holool Aloula is a subsidiary of Mobily.

Holool needed to invest in a CMS that enabled them to create the ideal digital experience in terms of UX, performance, speed, and flexibility to personalize and grow in the future. To that end, Holool Aloula's team decided to build their new website using Drupal technology, and Vardot helped them realize their mission.

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Our Acquia Certified Drupal 9 development and design solutions are trusted by the media industry and global enterprises alike. 

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Dynamic UX Design for Drupal Website

Dynamic User Experience

We delivered a design that was focused on guiding all website visitors through a structured experience based on their behavior and goals.

All landing pages were structured in accordance to Core Web Vitals best practices and almost every user journey designed ends up with easy to fill out online webforms.

The new design factored in compliance with accessibility best practices, atomic design systems, and a mobile-first approach after analyzing the behavior of Holool's target audience.

Multilingual UX for Drupal Website

Multilingual CMS

The new website was launched in 2 core languages: English and Arabic.

Thanks to the built-in on-site SEO enhancement features, the website content is optimized for higher ranking on all search engines for both languages.

Unmatched for international audiences and user experiences; Varbase enables Holool's marketing team to activate any language they wish in the future.

Critical Integrations

Critical Integrations

Already renowned for the infinite potential to scale, grow, and upgrade - Varbase CMS was an ideal fit for Holool's business and strategic requirements.

Holool launched their new digital experience equipped with easily integrated solutions and tools like Salesforce for lead generation, AddThis for social media engagement, and Chatbots to automate their processes via the website.

They are easily able to integrate any other tool or tech they may require in the future thanks to the full flexibility that Varbase has to offer.

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