Al Jazeera Public Liberties & Human Rights Centre

Vardot has built the site using a powerful distribution Uber Publisher. This distribution has been built by Vardot to provide seamless editor experience, combined with powerful tools for content workflows and rapid site customization and building. This allowed Vardot to build a high-quality website that focuses on content, story telling, and highlighting human rights issues with the power to build custom layouts for important topics and pages. Al Jazeera has used this CMS to streamline the publishing process by auto-importing human rights-related content from Al Jazeera main websites (English and Arabic) and then publish the articles and content in high-quality formats. Videos has also been integrated with Al Jazeera's private video repository. Vardot has provided intensive training for site's editors to leverage the powerful capability provided with Uber Publisher.

- Built on Uber Publisher

- Mutlilingual (Arabic and English)

- API and feeds integrations

- Apache Solr search engine

- High availability hosting setup

- Enhanced editor experience with custom-made backend theme

- Video and media library integrated with Al Jazeera's private video repository

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