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Nonprofit Web Solutions

We help you build an online presence that promote your cause, recruit new supporters, and drive donations.

We Structure, Design, Build, and Grow Your Nonprofit Organization's Website. Worry-Free.


Vardot has tailored its NGOs and nonprofit web content management system to help NGOs accomplish their vision with a great digital experience, and drive deeper engagement with donors, members, chapters and their community. It uses the power of social, mobile, cloud, and fund-raising to help you become a connected nonprofit.

Varbase — built using Drupal 8, lies at the heart of Vardot's NGOs and nonprofit website solutions to provide a low-cost, flexible and scalable platform for any kind of organization. This solution provides plenty of website features that benefit every organization, such as an interactive map, campaign management, fund-raising, integrations with existing systems, and many more.

Drive donations through optimized campaigns platform

Drive donations and manage constituents. Creating a campaign has never been easier with the flexible page and web forms builder to build fund raising or donation campaigns. 

Tell your story purposefully through a unique design

At Vardot we place a large emphasis on Information Architecture, User Experience, Visual Design, and Functional User Interface design. Reflect your identity in a modern and impactful way through our optimized nonprofit CMS website.

Focus on content, instead of worrying about technology

At Vardot we take care of all aspects of your site, letting you focus on creating valuable content to your audience and constituents. From maintenance, to new features, to optimizing your site for top quality standards for better reach.

Reach bigger audience with multilingual tools

Fully comprehensive multilingual option with localized and translated content, translated interface, date formats and country flags. Management of your multilingual site has never been easier.

Easily integrate with 3rd party tools for full web-experience

With the power of Drupal, your nonprofit site can integrate with any payment gateway, whether you use Stripe, WorldPay, or PayPal. Integrations with other CRM systems such as Salsa Labs, Blackbaud, or Salesforce are also available.

Reach bigger audience, organically with full on-page SEO standards

Attract visitors, constituents, donors, and your target audience through fully on-page SEO website. Our solutions provides you with live tips to enhance your content for best SEO standards.