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Educational Institutions Website Solutions

Use social, mobile, and cloud to become a connected campus. Tailor your website with the power of Varbase.

We Structure, Design, Build, and Grow Your School or University Website. Worry-Free.


Vardot’s website platform for educational institutions and higher-ed is tailored to achieve digital excellence and drive deeper engagement with students, faculty, alumni and prospective students.

Varbase — built using Drupal 8, lies at the heart of Vardot's educational institutions and higher-ed website solutions to provide a scalable, low-cost, integrable platform for universities, and even for schools.

Going for this website solutions you get an website that corresponds to the highest technical and visual standards. Varbase is built on Drupal 8 - the choice of best schools worldwide including MIT, Harvard, Oxford and Yale. It gets the best of Open Source content management systems - scalability, speed, reliability, usability - and adds the site your personal design and features. Great schools deserve great websites.

A mobile-friendly website platform with the best of today's technology

Security, accessibility, cross-platform support, mobile-friendly, and blazing fast performance, are now minimum standards for staying ahead of your competitors. We take care of all the technology keeping you up-to-date.

Reach bigger audience with multilingual tools

Fully comprehensive multilingual option with localized and translated content, translated interface, date formats and country flags. Management of your multilingual site has never been easier.

A website that uses the power of social engagement

Integrating social media on your site becomes especially important when the majority of the visitors are young people. Our solution is built with social in its core.

Reach bigger audience, organically with full on-page SEO standards

Attract prospect students, researchers, employees, and your target audience. Enable faculty, alumni and existing students to find content in an intuitive experience.


Easily integrate with 3rd party services for full web-experience

With the power of Drupal, your university website can integrate with all your school-wide systems, such as admissions systems, single-sign-on system, Blackboard, and many other.

Delegate content editing through granular editing permissions

A powerful workflow and permission system that allows you to control what can be edited, who can edit, and how content is published in your site. All through intuitive moderation experience.