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I really appreciate the work done by Vardot in many projects for Al Jazeera. They are dedicated, responsible and results-oriented. It was a pleasure to collaborate with them.
Safdar Mustafa, Head of Product Management
Two years ago, we’ve selected Vardot to revamp and help us maintain our website and it’s a selection that we have been very happy about ever since. Vardot has an exceptional professional team that is abreast of the latest innovations in web design and development and that has been very apt at helping us find solutions to our web communications needs.
Sami Mshasha, Chief of Communications, Spokesperson
In the two months since the launch, we've seen between a 50 percent to 60 percent increase in the total number of visitors to the site. We were very satisfied with [Vardot's] project management capabilities, too. They were very responsive to our needs throughout the planning and development phases.
Nayana Jayarajan, Media Officer
Vardot has helped Kharabeesh grow amazingly over the past 2 years. During our relationship, we received a tremendous amount of support and suggestions from the technical team that directly benefitted our business. Vardot successfully complemented our vision with high quality production and operations.
Mohammed Asfour, CEO
We loved how Vardot showed interest in our work, not just from a technical point of view, but in a way that showed investment in our business goals and strategy.
Ayman Othman, Senior Manager
We are pleased working with Vardot. Vardot has an excellent team with a solid skill set when it comes to web development technology. They have a solid understanding of our objectives and requirements. We appreciate all the recommendations they provide to our site.
Hazem Dawani, CEO
The team showed strong technical expertise and problem-solving complemented by relatable, responsive communications. They made the project stress-free and enjoyable.
Owner, ProEquest
"We needed to ensure that the new digital platform will be rebuilt according to the best standards and practices out there. The ASE’s importance to the Jordanian economy cannot be overstated and as such we can only rely upon Drupal 8 as a platform, and Vardot as its experts.”
Adel Abu Assaf