First Ever DrupalCamp in Gulf - November 30th 2013

The Drupal community in the middle east is expanding rapidly, with new DrupalCamps, last year in Amman, Jordan. This year we're participating and sponsoring in DrupalCamp Dubai 2013. As a firm based in the middl east, we’re really happy to see this trend and support all efforts through sponsorship and participation whenever possible.

This November 30th is the first ever DrupalCamp Dubai, which will be held on the American University of Emirates campus in Dubai. It’s a free event that brings together experts and aficionados from all over the region to share knowledge with those looking to learn more about Drupal.

If you’re interested in Drupal and aren’t already planning to attend DrupalCamp Dubai, consider checking it out, and be sure to say “hi” when you do!


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