Al Jazeera Mubasher

AJ Mubahser is a webiste that recieves a lot of traffic and is constantly pushing for delivering quality news at an appropriate time. Vardot worked with AJ to build AJ Mubasher on their Unified CMS. During the development we also improved the Unified CMS as well to include general features that AJ will benefit from on all their other sites. We worked on this project on Drupal 8 - this makes it the first project for AJ on Drupal 8. The project was done with exceptional features and backend functionality to improve the speed of publishing and managing the website content.

- Drupal 8
- AJ Unified CMS
- API and feeds integrations
- Migration
- Apache Solr search engine
- Video and media library repository

Al Jazeera Network
Media and Publishing
Completed date: 
March, 2017