A Dynamic and Engaging Digital Media Experience for Al Araby TV

Ideal content structure, and streamlined workflows that enable a swift, more flexible user experience.

Al Araby TV Website

Headquartered in London, UK; Al Araby TV is a public television channel that provides news, political, social, cultural, and entertainment programs to its predominantly Arab-speaking audience around the world. They have offices and branches located in capitals across the Western and Arab world.

As of 2020, Al Araby TV's website was a standard website expected of a public TV channel - providing program scheduling and content was limited to the latest updates regarding its own programs.

Determined to stay at the forefront of digital experience best practices; Al Araby TV made the strategic decision to accelerate its digitization efforts and revamp its entire digital presence using Drupal.

Late 2020, Al Araby TV approached Vardot to transform their legacy website into a full-fledged Drupal 8 digital news and media experience for their audience.

Al Araby TV Digital Media Website

Digital Media Structure

Transforming from a static informative website into a dynamic and engaging digital media experience means that the new website will rely heavily on rich content formats.

This requires a content structure that is aligned with SEO, UX, and Core Web Vital best practices.

Seamless Editorial Process

Al Araby TV's content publishing and marketing teams needed a CMS that aligns with their digital strategy objectives and needs.

Varbase and Uber Publisher enabled them to enjoy a seamless role-based content publishing workflow. Optimal coordination and quality assurance.

Infinite Flexibility and Personalization

Al Araby TV's legacy CMS limited their ability to create dynamic and personalized landing pages on their website - which hindered their ability to engage their various target audiences.

Using Drupal 9's Layout Builder module in Varbase - this is no longer a concern.

Reliable Support, Maintenance, and Growth

A major issue for Al Araby TV was the lack of reliable and flexible support post-launch.

Their new digital experience now undergoes 24/7 monitoring, tracking, critical enhancements, and maintenance.

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What We Did

Digital Strategy for Drupal Development


After aligning their KPIs and technical requirements - we agreed that removing silos between their technical and non-technical team members was critical to achieving a seamless content publishing experience.

Intuitive UI/UX for Digital News and Media Websites


Our UI/UX audited designs provided by Al Araby TV and recommended UI/UX enhancements to ensure that they are able to deliver an engaging digital experience responsive across all browsers, devices, and screen sizes.

Drupal 9 development for media and newspapers


Delivered an engaging digital media and entertainment experience within the agreed-upon 15-week timeframe by building the new Drupal website on Varbase CMS and Uber Publisher.

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CMS Tailored For Digital Media

Uber Publisher is an API-first platform that prioritizes content creation, sharing, and distribution and utilizes a flexible content architecture, open APIs, and other integration capabilities to enable builders to expose content and applications to wider audiences, across channels, devices, and other applications.

The CMS also powers the Araby TV mobile app through a Drupal-based API.

SEO Best Practices for News Websites

Streamlined Workflows

For all team members (technical and non-technical) that are involved in content creation, curation, management, moderation, publishing, and promotion.

  • Robust media library that enables the user to search, find and repurpose content easily. Saving time.
  • User-friendly rich content editor and backend features making it easier for non-technical.
  • On-site SEO features and tools enabling Al Araby TV to optimize the performance of their webpages and content across all search engines.
TV and News Digital Experience

Ideal Content Structure

The flexible content architecture allows for custom pages, layouts, and integrations for special use cases - in Al Araby TV's case would be Brightcove for video content streaming.

This allowed Al Araby TV to also maximize its potential for online ad revenue thanks to the flexibility provided to them when it comes to ad placement across their webpages.