Research & Analysis

Understanding your challenges to help you achieve your goals

We start each project with an exploration where we meet with you to assess your needs. We conduct thorough investigation to understand your current problem and future vision. We perform analysis of your target audience, collect information, and study the challenge to provide strategic advice focused on using technology to target your goals. We pave the way for new opportunities to provide your business with a better advantage moving forward.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing your website to rank better by search engines and increasing visibility

It’s not a fault of customers not to know that even good looking and user-friendly websites don’t guarantee them a high traffic, but it’s a fault of web agencies not to warn about it. We follow our full onsite search engine optimization checklist, with several steps to be taken to ensure that the website is index-able and easily reachable by search engines in order to improve the search ranking.

Mobile Strategy

Developing your site to be mobile-friendly and available on any device

At Vardot, we understand the importance to have your site enhanced for responsive layouts in order to reach the larger audience. Our team develops mobile-friendly websites with optimal functionality. Your most important content is always displayed effectively on all devices and screen resolutions.


Personas and User Analysis

Defining your needs through your audience profile

We initiate the project with an overall assessment of the needs of the site and the challenges you are facing. We evaluate each audience profile and create user personas to guide the structure and features of your site. A comprehensive survey of audience profiles begins to define the skeleton of the site in which functional requirements are determined. This allows for scalable platform to grow alongside your business.

Content Strategy

Optimizing flexibility to allow more than just content curation

At Vardot, our solutions focus on flexibility to provide our clients with the control to curate more than just content in an ever-changing publishing landscape. We focus on the tools that allow you to control your publishing, structure your pages, and arrange your layouts to enhance your content delivery to your audience.