4 Reasons Why You Need Vardoc Enterprise Solution

Clients or end-users prefer businesses that offer them one-on-one engagement and digital experiences across all touchpoints.

Smartphones began the trend. Now, there’s no looking back.

The digital world demands a smart business.

To be able to deliver on the standards expected in an ongoing manner; you must ensure that your business itself is running like a well-oiled machine.

Regardless of your size or industry; your business must become a high-performance culture that is optimized to within an inch of its life.

Here are 4 ways to become all that you can be:


Complexity Simplified


Navigating for help and insight across departments or from team members can be murky.

Your team members may find you annoying for always popping up at inappropriate times and asking them about various issues every day.

You don’t want to be that person.

Some people never progress due to their introvert nature.

They never ask for help or assistance simply because they are afraid that they may incur the ire of their team members.

Searching for the right insight can be a nightmare; especially when you go around seeking verification.


“I think you should apply CPM budgeting to this campaign… but I’m not sure. Ask Steve.”

“Steve is on vacation…”

“Oh well… I dunno mate. Can you sort something out?”


A simple procedure of knowledge transfer from person A to person B shouldn’t be this complex, but we are mere humans subject to our flaws.

Humans. Meet Vardoc.

Stop seeking information from all over by accessing a single view of verified knowledge from across the enterprise.

You can manage all of your data, insight, and knowledge in a contextual manner for easier and faster searching.


Fact: Vardoc is search engine optimized. 

Vardoc can be your enterprise’s very own Siri.


Get Smarter

When used properly; Vardoc can become your enterprise’ brain.

Gain a single comprehensive view of information needed by eliminating departmental knowledge.

More often than not, tasks or issues that arise require a contribution from different departments.

For example; you’re a junior SEO manager that ran into an issue with PPC advertising campaign budgeting. You need to quickly resolve the matter but don’t know how.

You no longer need to walk over to Steve in IT or Grace in Marketing (hoping they’re in today, or not in a meeting, or etc.) in order to gain their insight or experience in handling such issues.


Accessing the relevant information via Vardoc immediately gives you the solution to your problem.

You just solved an issue that requires 2 different perspectives without scheduling meetings or shooting emails.

You just got smarter and better at your job.



Priceless Insight

Losing an experienced veteran team member is always a worrisome issue for CEOs and management.

All the wealth of information, expertise, and insight would disappear with the departure of your best and most tenured staff.

We developed Vardoc with that particular challenge in mind.

Your enterprise can now sustain the level of service and expertise you’ve enjoyed beyond the retirement date of any valued team member.

The years of knowledge and experience gained will be transformed into tips and guidance tools that are indexed in a relevant contextual manner on Vardoc.

Every issue, topic, and process in your organization documented in Vardoc can be enriched with the experience of the relevant team member.



Reduce cost. Optimize Efficiency.

Ever calculated the cost of ineffective processes?

Don’t give your team more processes to be more efficient; just give them a better one.

The performance of your business and the digital experience you want to create for your customers rely on the processes you adopt.

However; processes do not maintain a static standard of efficiency.

Processes are influenced by human behavior. Your employees.

Employees that never sort their mail inbox or duplicate data files simply because they couldn’t find the original.


Remember that one time you wanted to audit performance and you had to go through 3 different spreadsheets called “2017 Financial Budget_Revised_New”, “2017 Financial Budget_Revised_New1”, and “New Revised Finance Budget 2017”?
Vardoc is all about data governance. So, you’ll never have to guess again.
With Vardoc; you can eliminate all duplicated data that negatively impact the performance, speed, and purpose of relevant processes.

Through your ability to monitor and optimize performance; you can also eliminate processes that are costly, useless and timewasting.

With Vardoc you can efficiently:


  • Create, manage and publish content easily
  • Optimize project management
  • Reduce project delivery time
  • Enhance communication and coordination
  • Moderate and restrict permissions
  • Access needed insight organization-wide
  • Automate mentorship and internship learning

And the list goes on… REQUEST DEMO

The potential benefits are unlimited really; entirely depending on how you intend to capitalize the full power of Vardoc.


One Mission. One Platform.

In an increasingly digital world; your business needs an organization-wide solution that can be both your brain and backbone that empowers you to monitor your processes, performance and optimize them accordingly.

Easy to use by everyone in your organization and accessible anytime across any device.

Connect every human resource in your organization through Vardoc and create a super enterprise brain that powers your business using optimized cerebral energy in an ongoing manner.

Vardoc is an essential smart solution for enterprises conducting smart business.


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