How to Avoid Security Flaws


A few weeks ago Vardot published the blog post with the most shared articles about Drupal in 2016. The results were really surprising because almost a half of them were on the same topic – Panama Papers. The buzz around this situation is easy to explain, it affected too many people and organizations, and although the problem seems to be fixed now, nobody can guarantee that something similar will never happen in the future. In this article, we’ll analyze the current situation in cybersecurity and make a list of recommendations you should follow to protect your business.


Cybersecurity is the only thing that stands between your digital product and internet intruders or hackers. Be it a website, application, or any other similar software tool, Cybersecurity forms as a protective cover against data theft.

As a majority of businesses have gone digital, there is plenty of confidential information that businesses want to keep private. This is where cyber security plays an important role, as thousands of businesses are putting their data out there, thinking that they are safe and sound.

By following the right steps, companies will remain safe, but it is necessary to take a couple of steps that will allow you to avoid unpleasant occurrences, similar to the Panama Papers incident. Let’s take a look at a couple of lessons that this case presented to the business world.


Follow news about the software you use


How to Avoid Security Flaws


Companies that scale up fast often lose information about the software tools they are using. There are simply too many tasks that are a high priority. Unfortunately, this is the main reason why many companies develop data security problems.

However, creating a regular schedule will allow you to increase and establish a high level of security. One of the first things that should be done is following the latest news about the software you are relying on.

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With the Panama Papers case, the problem lied in regular updates that weren’t performed on time, and the attackers simply took advantage of the bug and leaked the data. Therefore, following all of the updates is very important for the cybersecurity of your business data. In fact, missing updates is one of the leading causes of cyber-attacks around the world.


It’s not only about regular updates

However, it is not only about how often you update, but how it is done as well. Many people believe that automatic updates are a great solution. However, when it comes to enterprise software, there is simply too much to be done, and relying on automatic updates is not the best way to go. It is necessary to have a team of IT experts who are going to take care of these updates manually, and who are also going to check whether the whole process was completed successfully.

Additionally, people often focus on updating only the software tools that are directly connected to the internet, but the point is to keep all the software updated, as a mere glitch in one can cause a breach in somewhere else. Therefore, make sure that you update all your software tools for maximum security.


Playing smart


How to Avoid Security Flaws


Like in all lines of work, it is necessary to think ahead. For example, imagine that you have already been hacked. What are the things that you want the hacker to be able to access?

This is going to remind you that you should compartmentalize your services and your data. For example, having multiple backups across different servers and with data management service providerareis going to allow you to keep some of the files unreachable and all other files safe.

On the other hand, it is also possible to segment different services such as website and email on different servers. This directly controls the amount of compromised information in case of a security breach.


Invest in a highly experienced IT security team


How to Avoid Security Flaws


The problem with many businesses, no matter the line of work, is cutting costs. This is, most likely, the cause of the Panama Papers leak. To ensure that every appropriate security measure is taken, it is necessary to establish a budget for a dedicated team of IT security experts. The great idea is to have this process outsourced, as it will make a lower impact on your budget than hiring a team of IT experts to work in-house.

Don’t hire just anyone for this task; it is essential to find a team with a lot of experience and a lot of knowledge to get the job done. You want your data to stay safe, so don’t save money on this process, it prevents any future problems.

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Hire trustworthy employees


How to Avoid Security Flaws


Even though it was reported that the company’s employees were not involved in the incident, the possibility that one of them was compromised is still not excluded. Always keep in mind that your employees have access to the sensitive data of your company. It is necessary to hire employees who you can trust.

Additionally, make sure to establish a security system which is going to collect all the data about who is accessing documentation, from which computer, and when. Even if the breach occurs, the responsible person will be found.

To increase satisfaction and trust of your employees, it is a great idea to pay them well. This will ensure stability within the company, as all of the important team members are going to be satisfied.


Bottom Line

These are the five most important lessons to be learned from the Panama Papers’ case. It is important to regularly update all of your software and diversify data locations for the best possible security. Following these tips is going to greatly reduce the risk of your data being breached.


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