Optimal UI/UX by Implementing Best Practices for Cities Alliance

Optimized Content Structure and superior in-site search functionality

Cities Alliance

Cities Alliance is a global partnership fighting urban poverty and supporting cities to deliver sustainable development. To manage its activities, the Cities Alliance operates a multi-donor fund with UNOPS as host and Trustee.

The UNOPS retained Vardot’s support and maintenance services in a bid to enhance the quality of performance, functionality, and usability of the Cities Alliance digital platform.

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Our Acquia Certified Drupal 9 development and design solutions are trusted by the media industry and global enterprises alike. 

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UI/UX Design for Nonprofit Website

Enhanced UI/UX Design

Our UI/UX team researched and analyzed the legacy website users' behavior (internal and external users) to create the ideal design system for the new Cities Alliance digital experience.

The new design also features accessibility best practices that ensure that all website visitors can access the website in the intended fashion from any device or browser without any frustrations when it comes to page loading speed.

Ideal Content Structure

Optimized Content Structure

The new design is not only presenting a more appealing look and style but it serves the user experience by presenting the content in an ideally structured manner. 

Core Web Vitals were taken into consideration when designing each webpage to ensure that the purpose from each landing page was delivered to the user.

The new UI/UX design already factored in the numerous user journeys that revolve around specific content types and the relationship between related content to ensure that website visitors are guided throughout their experience on the new Drupal site.

Superior SEO Performance for Drupal sites

Superior In-Site Search Functionality

The Cities Alliance website is a content-heavy digital platform with a myriad of content formats, ranging from news articles to publications and rich media formats such as video.

Our team upgraded and improved the in-site search capabilities to ensure that website visitors can navigate the content on the site easier and quicker than ever before.

How to Create an Engaging Nonprofit Digital Experience