A Bespoke CMS for Rewell Society’s Charitable Crowd-Funding Projects

A responsive, native Drupal platform facilitating information sharing, charitable projects, and engagement

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Established in 1992 by a ​​lawyer and labor rights advocate Mohamad Ayyash Mulheim, Rewell is a charity organization focussed on addressing unemployment and poverty. Rewell realized that the most effective long-term approach to address poverty is to teach sustainable skills. 

To achieve its goals, Rewell needed to transform its online digital presence and solve the problem of its outdated website. The old site had neither featured crowdfunding projects nor online donations capabilities.

Rewell also needed a scalable and user-friendly backend for their team to easily maintain and update the site with the latest crowdfunding projects, news, and other relevant content.

Vardot helped Rewell Society by building a modern digital experience platform on Drupal 9, with an end-to-end crowdfunding system that seamlessly integrates with different payment solutions. This gave Rewell society the flexibility to showcase and promote social development campaigns, while also being able to instantly promote them on social media platforms. The platform also allowed the general public to contribute to social development through a seamless online experience.

Vardot transformed Rewell’s digital presence to be a crowdfunding hub that showcases Rewell's key projects and facilitates secure donations. With multiple payment solutions, the new website significantly increased both awareness and the public contributions to combat poverty.


Improvement in Site Speed


Faster Time to Publish


Fully Customized Payment Gateway


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Engaging Content

Vardot needed to upgrade the content to cover key user engagement opportunities like news and success stories. Planned regular updating of these pages and content will also help with the site’s ongoing SEO improvements.

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Intuitive UX/UI

Rewell’s new site was designed to be a user-centric, responsive donations platform. This would facilitate their goals of better communication, improved ways of showcasing projects for funding, and a streamlined donation process.

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Optimized SEO

By making use of Drupal’s standard SEO capabilities, a 92% SEO site optimization score was achieved with the new build, making Rewell’s site easier for donors to find.


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A Focus on Projects and Donations

As the most crucial section of Rewell’s site, the campaign display, and donation features were designed to highlight each micro project and support an intuitive and easy-to-use payment process.

All projects can now be viewed on a single page. Each project has an explainer video, a dynamic progress bar to show how close it is to its donation target, as well as a quick click-through to the donation section.

Using a Drupal e-commerce module, Vardot created a customized payment gateway that allows multiple payment methods from Visa to MasterCard and eFAWATEERcom. This upgrade has automated the donation process and made it easily accessible to the largest number of potential donors. Drupal’s coding standards and Open Web Application Security compliance ensured high levels of donor data security for all payments made to Rewell.

Drupal 9 E-commerce module

Drupal Commerce


Drupal Commerce is a Drupal-based e-commerce framework that powers scalable innovation. At its core, the solution is lean, flexible, and utilizes Drupal's strict development standards. Leveraging this solution allowed the team to view all website transactions at a granular level right down to an ID matched to each logged transaction. High levels of security measures, including two-factor authentication, could also be implemented to protect customers' sensitive data. 

In this project, two new commerce modules were contributed and back-ported to be used in both Drupal 8 and 9 versions:

Supported by the government, eFawateercom is the leading approved payment gateway for most of the online electronic transactions in Jordan.  Mastercard payment options were also implemented as an alternative to allow for a maximum range of users able to donate. Both of these modules use and extend the off-site payment gateways that the drupal commerce framework provides.

Drupal Commerce supports two types of off-site payment gateways: redirect and iFrame. For Rewell, off-site payments were enabled through a redirect from the payment checkout page to the payment service. Customers are ideally returned to the payment page upon success or failure so they can be moved forward or backward in the checkout process as the case may require.


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Scalable Administration

A fully customized and improved backend administration was created to allow the Rewell team to create and promote projects, add manual donations and pull reports on online donations. In addition, pdf invoices can be generated on request for donors’ tax purposes. All backend administrator functionality was made to be easily used by any nontechnical member of Rewell’s team. 

To allow the website to grow with Rewell, the CMS is also scalable with the ability to have new sections, further automation functionality and content types added.


Super Fast Hosting

The slow loading times were improved by using Vardot hosting to reduce web load times to under 3 seconds. Faster load times helped to improve the overall customer experience and to prevent bounce-outs that would negatively impact long-term SEO.

The Results

With an improved ability to highlight individual projects and a secure, easy-to-use donation process, the Rewell Society is set up to scale their work of supporting Jordanians into long-term employment and self-sufficiency.

In addition, to increase accessibility to more donors, the site is able to support both English and Arabic. 

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