Reach a wider audience with seamless translation capabilities

Vardot has vast experience in developing multilingual websites and continuously enhances the user experience of multilingual websites. We develop websites to be fully accessible in many languages without compromising usability features, quality and standards. We make it easy for you to translate and maintain your website content in all the different languages needed.



Grow your online business and sales

Go E-commerce with Drupal! We leverage many of the best modules to provide you with a usable e-commerce site that is easily integrated with various solutions. You can now manage your online products and informational website all in one place.

Third-party Integrations

Maximizing the power of your website

Web building with Drupal doesn’t mean you will be limited to only Drupal. We regularly integrate with other systems to give your business the best overall experience needed. We recommend services to you to increase site functionality, enhance performance, and raise visibility on search engines to maximize the power of your site.

Social Media Integrations

Connecting your site with your customer through social networks

In the 21st century social media is an absolute must for your business. And it’s important to be integrated within your site. Our team connects your content, blogs, articles and much more to social media. We help you to build closer relationships with your customers by providing them ways to share your content and boost the traffic of your site.