Ongoing Support

Providing you high-quality ongoing support services

After your website is launched, we don’t leave you hanging. At Vardot, we proactively support you and your site to keep it up to date. Our website support and improvement team are always ready to answer any question and resolve any technical issues. Working together is better than working alone. Let us support you!


Performance Tuning

Fulfilling and maximizing your website performance goals

Our website support and improvement team monitors configure and analyze specific performance scenarios for your site. We apply the necessary optimization to the system to ensure best performance results and reduce the time your website takes to respond to visitors requests.


Optimizing your web business by monitoring

One important concept we implement preventing issues from happening. Our website monitoring will help you to deliver customers the best web experience by continuous targeting and diagnosing your site’s performance.

Continuous Delivery

Delivering frequently and getting fast feedback on what users care about

Our website support and improvement team continuously adapts software in line with user feedback. We build software that can be reliably released iteratively so that you can keep up with shifts in your business market and changes to your business strategy.

Ongoing Content Management

Supporting you in managing your website content growth

Continuously updated content keeps you relevant to your targeted customer and helps to increase site traffic. Our website support and improvement team guide you to manage your site and content structure in a way that allows you to benefit from the scalable site features.