Enlyte's Multi-Site Excellence With Acquia Site Studio

An Enterprise-grade digital experience, delivering value by smoothly sharing relevant content between the five sites of Enlyte.

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Enlyte is a San Diego-based company with around 5,000 employees specializing in developing software solutions for clients in the insurance industry. Founded in 2021, Enlyte emerged from a merger of three companies: Mitchell, Genex, and Coventry, later acquiring workers’ compensation specialists Apricus. Among these subsidiaries, Mitchell – a longstanding market leader in insurance claims management solutions – is the largest.

The company continues to operate these four entities as separate business lines under the Enlyte umbrella. To support this structure, Enlyte operates a suite of five websites: a main parent site and four child sites for each subsidiary. These sites share common branding, design elements, menus, and other features.


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Enlyte Drupal 10 webdsite

The Challenge

Enlyte approached us with a finished product experiencing numerous issues including persistent bugs, slow turnaround on fixes from their previous agency, and recurring problems that persisted on their site. Additionally, rapid expansion outpaced their content governance and management processes, complicating the management of their five websites.

The Approach

Our primary focus was to help Enlyte fully implement Acquia Site Studio, a low-code digital experience platform (DXP) they had selected but not fully leveraged. Site Studio allows less technical personnel, including designers, marketers, and content editors, to create rich, immersive content using simple drag-and-drop tools. This empowers organizations to launch new content faster while maintaining brand consistency and governance.

By moving Enlyte’s web ecosystem to Site Studio, we created a comprehensive design system. This enables their marketing team to build web pages with cohesive branding and matching colors, creating new templates within the same site guidelines without needing our assistance. This allowed us to focus on bug fixes and more technical aspects of the sites.

Fixing Enlyte’s Site Studio implementation also enabled the company to leverage Pardot, a Salesforce marketing automation tool. Pardot helps marketers identify and strategically communicate with key prospects. By integrating Pardot with Site Studio, we made life easier for Enlyte’s marketing team and freed up their developers to focus on other critical tasks.

The Solution

In addition to fixing bugs and optimizing Site Studio, we advised Enlyte on content governance and management across their five sites. Our focus on multi-site content and publishing workflow allowed Enlyte to manage day-to-day operations efficiently. We continue to provide maintenance and support as they grow.

The Results

  • Fast-loading websites that perform robustly during traffic surges.

  • Ongoing maintenance and support.
  • Smoothly shared relevant content across five sites.


Enlyte Drupal 10 webdsite