Cutting Edge UX With Best-In-Class Security for OQ8 Refinery’s Website

A Drupal-based user-friendly website enabling a safe, and intuitive customer journey.

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The Challenge

OQ8 is a Joint Venture (JV) between OQ Group and Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI). The newly merged corporations needed an impeccable and immaculate website that represents the brand in an appurtenant manner. The website must be simple, scannable, catchy, but also perform in an utterly perfect modus operandi.

OQ8 puts emphasis on having a friendly UX and granting their visitors an unblemished web experience. Yet, as these huge corporations struggled with their cyber security before, the latter was a serious concern that should be left in the past. Moreover, the website should have an intuitive admin UX that gives full control of the components of the website to non-technical users.


Increase in Website Traffic


Revamped UX and Information Architecture


Compliance with Global Security standards
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Our Solution

These stressing challenges were all addressed quickly by Vardot’s expertise and their powerful Drupal website builder: Varbase CMS. Varbase Layout Builder was used to its full potential to create unique features and dynamic page designs. 

In fact, all the designs were from custom blocks that were created particularly for this project, which enables the OQ8 website admins to easily create and edit pages using the drag and drop feature from the simple admin dashboard. Using Drupal as a content management system also solved the corporations’ cyber security problems.

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The Results

OQ8 now is well represented with an intuitive and responsive website that features some splendid dynamic designs without sacrificing any shred of their security and privacy.


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