Vardot New Drupal 8 Website

The cobbler's children always go barefoot! Is a saying we no longer want to be associated with. As a Drupal-specialized development house, it's no longer an excuse to keep a Drupal 7 website.

You're currently reading this post from our new Drupal 8 website, built using the ultimate Bootstrap distribution available for Drupal 8; Varbase (see the project page on We've built Varbase with the basic concept of DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) so that we relieve ourselves from repeating all the modules, features, configurations, best-practices that are included in every Drupal website we built.

Did you know that Varbase is available for free to install and build websites on it yourself? You can test-drive it now on Or contact us to build one for you.


New Website Sections

Our new website features our Products in a new section where you can learn more about each product we build.

We also highlight how we deliver business solutions for various industries and verticals, including Higher-ed and SchoolsCorporates and Enterprises, Non-profits and NGOs, and News, Media, and Entertainment.


Paragraphs to Build Nice Pages

The new website (and Varbase) uses the famous Paragraphs module, and a suite of other modules that we have specifically built for Varbase, such as Varbase Bootstrap Paragraphs.

You can now leverage this functionality with an intuitive page building experience when you use Varbase.

Introducing Vardot's New Drupal 8 Website


It's worth noting that it took us 2 weeks to build the new website! Amazing, right? Let us know what you think.

And contact us to discuss your next project.


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