How to Make Apache Solr Search For Word Parts Using Drupal 8

Apache Solr is a popular and open source search platform that provides a wide set of core search functions and features.

This tutorial will deal with the Drupal 8 search API module and Apache Solr to build a digital experience that enjoys an effective search feature that enables users to obtain better results for their search queries which may or may not include incomplete word-parts.


Before you begin, you will need to have installed Apache Solr on your server.


Step 1. Installing the Drupal Module

Using composer and Drush; install the Search API Solr module by copying and pasting the command below in your terminal:

composer require drupal/search_api_solr && drush en search_api_solr

Next; make sure you’ve configured Solr core via Search API Solr configurations. If you don't know how; click here for a simple guide.



Step 2. Create a search API server & index

  • Go to Configuration > Search API.
  • Click the "Add server" button and configure the Server.


Server Configuration Page


  • Click the "Add index" button and configure the Index.


Index Configuration Page


  • Go to Configuration > Search API > Your index Fields
  • Add fields like Body, Title, tags, Authored on ...etc
  • For the fields that you only want to find them by word-part use "Fulltext Ngram" and save changes.
  • Go to Configuration > Search API > Your index View and click "Index now" (Depending on your content; this may take a while)


Fields Configuration Page



Step 3. Create a view page (Content index)

  • Go to Structure > Views and add a view to show data from your index.
  • Add filter criteria "Fulltext search" and set "Searched fields" and Parse mode to be "Direct query",


TIP: In order to make search results for effective; I recommend that you enable "Allow multiple selections".


View Index


Now, your website visitors can enjoy a smooth searching experience without being frustrated with the search results. What other solutions or experiences did you have with Apache Solr with regards to optimizing search experiences?

I look forward to reading your opinions and recommendations in the comments section below.



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