The more complicated websites, the more corners where things can break, some problems are obvious, some not so obvious. Here we are going to outline the most common problems were found after Module/Core updates on Drupal. Always remember QA round after updates will investigate all the hidden. Things will be affected are:
This problem is very obvious, some blocks and boxes will be broken and you need to replace them or just aligned, just Edit CSS.
Many Images may disappear or getting bigger or even smaller, so as QA officer you have to check all images in all places on your website, images inside contents, banners, sliders, teasers….etc
Always we should checking if .htaccess is working well, that's mean open your website with/without www.
We should check if website is looking good on Tablet and Mobile view, portrait and Landscape orientations
Search Box
Do not forget to check Search box, the design directly broken and the function as well. Now as QA officer your role starts to investigate where the problems are?
At Admin side ( Back End User)
Do not forget the Admin side, the only thing you can do to find all bugs is “Adding content” where you can check all field and all types of contents.
If your website Multilingual, breadcrumbs will be affected especially the translation, and some breadcrumbs paths as well. i.e Sometimes Arabic breadcrumbs appear while you are landing in English pages and visa verse.


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