Shaping concepts into prototypes

Pens and paper are pulled out to sketch the initial vision. From iteration to iteration, ideas begin to shape and complete one another. We quickly build prototypes and begin testing with real users to view it as a workable concept. Moving from one prototype to the next, ideas and information become more defined. Content and functions are shaped within a structured interface; outlining the end result. These prototypes finalize the functional aspect of the project.

Dynamic Responsive Design

Crafting your site to provide optimal viewing on every device

With new mediums of communication expanding quickly we understand the importance to reach all types of users effectively. We implement your site design to accommodate the screen sizes for each device in order to ensure all the components are ordered in a appropriate way. From design to development to content and functionality, we don't compromise when it comes to optimizing your site for responsive.

Visual Web Design

Designing as a form of communication to tell your narrative

Our design team begins to introduce visual design elements to the wireframes. Through creative thinking exercises and the research that was originally conducted, we develop ideas to visually express your brand. We design to your targeted audience so that your users can freely experience your site. Every decision, from color to type size and style is aimed towards communicating to your audience.

User Experience

Improving the experience of your website without compromising

It is a myth that you have to choose either form or function. We aim to meet the exact needs of your website visitors in a simple and usable way. We make sure that your site visitor not only finds your website appealing but also useful.

Digital Brand Extension

Promoting your identity on the web

Our team capitalizes your brand equity by understanding the constructs and attributes of its core and expands the elements into a complete web presence. We use your existing brand to promote you on the web. We make sure that your brand extension is relevant to your product, recognized by your visitors, and up to web standards.