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The Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) was established in March 1999 as a non-profit independent institution; authorized to function as a regulated market for trading securities in Jordan.


Amman stock exchange


Client Requirements:

Migrate: The previous Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) website was built using Drupal 6 and the client (ASE Company) approached Vardot to upgrade the website to Drupal 8 in order to revamp the platform outdated features.

Upgrade: The ASE Company were already impressed with Drupal's best-in-class security in addition to the simple and user-friendly CMS which made the decision-making process regarding opting to stay with Drupal and upgrading the platform to Drupal 8.

Real-Time Experience: Another requirement that we needed to deliver perfectly was the ability to display live market data in real-time; eliminating latency was paramount to ensure that the real-time data was in fact real-time.


Our Recommendation:

Personalized Integration: We wanted to integrate both Data & Feeds modules together to better match and deliver the business needs of our client's platform; that took a while considering that the Feeds module is usually integrated with Drupal entities only.

This integration ensured that the performance and speed of the platform will be optimized.

Enhanced Experience: We presented a number of relevant Drupal 8 features (e.g. Charts) that the client found to be impressive and a definite upgrade to their vision of what the digital experience they wanted to present for their users.


Charts Module ASE


Varbase: The client was further impressed by the fact that we will be building their new digital experience using Varbase which will guarantee that the development time will be significantly shorter.




  • multilingual website that includes both Arabic and English languages for a more diverse target audience.
  • mobile-first digital experience.
  • A visually-appealing and user-friendly digital experience with defined user journeys for the relevant user personas.
  • A highly secure platform upgraded to benefit from D8's security features


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