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Knowledge Base Platform
Capture and disseminate knowledge and expertise in your organization with ease. Vardoc is an open source knowledge base system that provides a flexible platform to host organization's knowledge in rich content and make it available to all staff across multiple departments.
Scrum Methodology


At Vardot we implement the Scrum methodology as part of the Agile Project Management approach for delivering websites in iterative cycles, also known as Sprints. Sprint is an iterative cycle – Concurrent Engineering – that stops when certain requirements are completed, such as quality and functionality for example. Typical Sprints in our projects last for one to two weeks. During that time multiple tasks are conducted. The length of that iteration period is based on the state of complexity and risk assessment.

Each Sprint offers the following tasks:

  • Web Development: implementation of backlog items occurs by the development team.

  • Wrap: wrapping the changes into an executable example illustrating improvement.

  • Review: all team debate to present and review progress, adding new requirements into backlog, solving problems.

  • Adjust: implementing the new requirements from the review part.