We Love Drupal, We're Committed To Drupal


Since Drupal is helping many people and organizations including us at Vardot to do amazing work and get the job done, we love to give something back to the community through contributions, events and any possible way every now and then. Vardot is committed to the community that has given us back so much.

This page is a tribute to our contributors, and highlights our give-backs to the community as part of the /drupalgive initiative.


Modules, Themes & Distributions We Have Contributed

CKEditor Bootstrap Buttons is an extension to the Drupal 8 CKEditormodule,

This module is an Input filter that automatically converts email addresses to a link to hide the email address, and populates a form to contact the intended email.

This module works with Workbench module
It will give you the ability to assign the new state change to a specific user.

gDrush is a Drush GUI
For the current time it only works on ubuntu, with the latest version of Drush.

This module works with Workbench module.
It will give you the ability to set the access for viewing/editing revisions based on the revision current state.

This module adds the ability for site admins to add "Markup" widgets to the form. These essentially let designers of cck content-types insert additional markup into the node/edit form to display to content-authors. This is the equivalent of adding additional elements to $form of the type '#markup'.

Panels Layout builder based on twitter bootstrap 2, this will help you to dynamically build panel layouts based on bootstrap grid system.

Coming very soon.
OpenVault is a pre-configured distribution to manage a list of clients and projects and their respective credentials.

This modules allows you to set the exposed filters forms in views to use method POST instead of GET.

Language Switcher Dropdown is a very simple module that exposes a new block, similar to the default Language Switcher block provided by Locale module.
The new block allows site visitors to switch languages using a drop-down select list instead of using hyperlinks.