An example of Bootstrap at work

As nearly 80% percent of internet users in 2015 are accessing content via smartphones, it's safe to say we now live in a mobile-first world. And when it comes to creating all the mobile websites that smartphone users are voraciously accessing Bootstrap is by far one of the most effective tools for harnessing  HTML, CSS, and JavaScript into a  framework that creates responsive websites.

But Bootstrap hasn't ascended to this lofty position for nothing—here's a couple reasons why Bootstrap allows developers to quickly and efficiently create beautiful websites:

1) It’s easy to use and it’s flexible.

2) It integrates easily with other frameworks and platforms.

3) It allows for faster development because of its ready-made components and resources.

4) It comes with base styles for typography, forms, images, and more.

5) It comes with pre-styled components.

6) It's bundled with JavaScript components.

For an in-depth in look at how to build a beautiful website using Bootstrap in an hour or less, check out this presentation authored by Vardot's CEO, Mohammed Razem:



Bootstrap UI Library Introduction from Mohammed Razem


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