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Giants like NBC Sports, The Independent, Le Figaro, Walt Disney, and Time Inc. chose Drupal to support their digital media experience platforms and websites.

  • Accessibility Best Practices
  • Advanced Content Publishing Workflows
  • Content Structure Optimized for Ad Revenue
  • Publisher-centric CMS
  • Enterprise Security
  • Multilingual SEO
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership

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"The new concept emphasizes original content, premium long-form research, expanded visibility for Op-Eds and a nascent infrastructure for paying subscribers. At a time when many publishers are exploring AI and automating the news feed, we’re focusing on original content."


John Lillywhite
Executive Publisher @ Al Bawaba News

Easier Content Management and Publishing

Robust Content Publishing

The amount of content and media being published on a daily basis is astounding.

Your audience expects a steady stream of rich multimedia content from you - which means you need the right infrastructure, CMS and tools at your disposal to publish and distribute content in an effective manner. 

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Why Drupal Is Better

Seamless Editing Process

Effectively manage the entire content editorial and publishing process based on pre-defined user roles and permissions.

Social Sharing

Optimization for social media channels and networks is built-in. Allow your audience to easily share your content with their friends.

Actionable Big Data

Develop better content by gaining insight into the actions, behaviors, and preferences of your audiences.

Dynamic Personalization

Content editors can easily personalize all types of content and custom landing pages based on each user preference.

Video Embed

Embed responsive YouTube and Vimeo video content in your articles to enrich the reader's user experience.

Better Performance

Drupal solves the main challenge for digital platforms that rely heavily on content - slow performance and loading speeds.

Superior SEO and Core Web Vitals Performance

Extend Your Reach

Reach wider audiences than ever with tailored enterprise-level solutions for the media industry.

Multilingual features allow you to translate your content into more than 100 languages. Key integrations such as open-source omnichannel marketing automation, inherent superior on-site SEO capabilities, and social media optimization means that your content will always be at the forefront.

Reach a wider audience

"I really appreciate the work done by Vardot on many projects since 2011. Dedicated, responsible, and results-oriented. A pleasure to collaborate with and highly recommended."


Safdar Mustafa
Head of Product Management @ Al Jazeera Media Network

Enhanced Ad Revenue Website Structure

Intelligent Ad-Revenue Optimization

Combining engaging content with the right digital media technology is a recipe for digital business growth and success. Capitalize Drupal's focus on delivering engaging digital experiences and witness your monetization strategy objectives being realized in record time.

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