An Enhanced Podcast Experience for SOWT

A revamped, user-centric, and SEO-friendly website, allowing SOWT to reach a wider audience.

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Their Problem

SOWT is a podcasting platform that produces and distributes high-quality audio programs in the Arabic language. 

SOWT wanted a refresh for their outdated website design while improving on many aspects including SEO, an unresponsive player, UX, and integration issues. It was also important for the new site to include an improved backend to help their team manage and edit the website’s content smoothly.

They were looking to Vardot as a partner to help achieve that.


Boost in Traffic


Increase in Pageviews


Decrease in Bounce Rate

Our Solution

By using Varbase CMS, we helped SOWT solve their on-site SEO issues which allowed SOWT’s website to improve rankings on search engines and reach a wider audience. 

In addition, fixing RSS integrations meant that the platform can now work and integrate seamlessly with various podcast providers, improving the overall website user experience.

A new and easy-to-use backend meant that the SOWT team can now enhance their customer’s digital experience by providing upgraded content management while spending less time posting and editing new content.


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The Results

So far, traffic increased 780% and new users increased 625%. We also saw a 3% decrease in bounce rate and a 670% increase in page views.


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