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We help nonprofits build Drupal-powered websites and digital experiences that support their short and long-term strategic requirements:

  • Fundraising Outreach

  • Marketing and Communication

  • Program Management

  • Secure Donation Platforms

  • Insights and Analytics

  • Continuous Upgrades and Support

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The best CMS for nonprofit organizations and ngos

"There was an immediate 60% increase in traffic stats. They have excellent project management capabilities and can deliver work on time."


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CMS tailored for NGOs

Where to Start?

Impactful digital experiences need to be built upon a solid and superior foundation - it all starts with your choice of a content management system (CMS).

Digital experiences need to scale and grow in tandem with the essential technologies that emerge. You will need a CMS that offers you this flexibility without causing any disruption to your work or forcing you to rebuild your website.

Invest in a better Cms

Case study

UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency's Global Donations Platform

Empowering a global organization like UNHCR through an advanced donations platform facilitates helping millions of displaced people with much-needed funding.


Million USD Processed Using the Drupal Fundraising Platform


Published Campaigns in Different Regions at Different Times


Less Time to Build, Design, and Publish Campaigns

Building Multiple Sites and Domains

Varbase is a preferred CMS for international nonprofit organizations that require a digital presence for each of the missions they operate and conduct around the world. 

All digital properties will be:

  • Launched faster to market
  • Retain their unique features
  • Share best practices and standards for accessibility and security
  • Built and managed by a centralized CMS


Seamless and Secure Donation Experiences

Varbase bundles the best-in-class security modules and Drupal's payment gateway APIs.

Nonprofits need to ensure that their reputation is protected by protecting their user data's privacy and transactions at all times - Varbase has a dedicated team that provides 24/7/365 support to ensure all the critical upgrades and security updates are delivered.

Communicate Better

Drupal 9 CMS Varbase features the best-in-class SEO tools and features that allow nonprofit marketing teams to publish content optimized for search engines across all languages.

Integration with all the popular marketing tools such as HubSpot, Campaign Studio, MailChimp are all easier than ever.

No Technical Expertise Required

Varbase was built tailored to the nature of nonprofit organizations needs.

Typically, nonprofits do not have the full cast of technical experts on board full-time and struggle with technical requirements.

Varbase allows both marketing and technical team members to jump in and start using the full features and power of the Drupal 9 CMS thanks to a user-friendly backend enhanced with tooltips and advanced dashboards designed to make the experience as simple as possible.

Smart and Responsive Digital Experiences

Digital experiences built on Varbase will enable your nonprofits to publish and launch digital projects optimized across all devices, screen sizes, and browsers.

Enough said.

Perfect for Communities

Varbase will be the ideal base and foundation for your future growth plans towards nurturing a community of activists, champions, volunteers, and donors.

Integration with almost every critical tool, feature, and technology in the market will allow your nonprofit to enjoy:

  • Easy and secure user registration
  • Forums
  • Blog features
  • Rich media library of multimedia resources
  • GDPR, W3A, WCAG 2.0 compliance

...and many more elements that can help build a vibrant online community.

Best CMS for NGOs

Optimal Content Exposure

Make sure that your cause is easily discoverable to everyone that shares your passion. Using a Drupal CMS will ensure that your published content will rank higher than ever on search engine result pages thanks to built-in best in class on-site SEO capabilities and features.

Reach Wider Audiences

"They had a unique capacity to understand our needs and meet new requests as the project evolved."


Anouk Desgroseilliers
Advocacy & Communications Manager @ Education Cannot Wait

Open Source CMS for Nonprofits

Common Values and Principles

Open-source is about sharing, support, community and giving back. Drupal is powered and supported by a global family of open-source developers. They continuously contributed to making Drupal the most powerful CMS and digital experience technology.

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