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Drupal 9 Current State and How To Prepare For It


Unlike the previous major launches; Drupal 9 will be a much smoother release because it's being built in Drupal 8.

The time to prepare for your business’ digital future is now. Adopting a neutral stance is only going to be a waste of time, traction and money. Choosing to upgrade to Drupal 8 right now means that you have already upgraded to Drupal 9. 

Drupal’s focus on engaging digital experiences reflects the actual shift in user behavior in real life. That is the main reason why global brands and many industries such as the entertainment industryhigher educationhealthcare, and even public sectors are adopting Drupal… and Drupal 8’s features offer your digital business more than you can begin to imagine.

This infographic is a TL;DR version of a much more detailed road map to prepare yourself for Drupal 9. Download the infographic now!

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