Knowledge Base Platform


Capture and disseminate knowledge and expertise in your organization with ease. Vardoc is an open source knowledge base system that provides a flexible platform to host organization's knowledge in rich content and make it available to all staff across multiple departments.

Vardoc Knowledge Base System and Documentation Site


Vardoc is a knowledge base system, a wiki system, and a documentation management system designed to host massive amount of content in a structured and easy-to-find format. Vardoc helps you build a connected organization, product, or knowledge area to allow everyone involved to find the answers they seek, and contribute their expertise in the knowledge base.

Think of it as a wiki site of your product, user manuals, or organizational processes. With easy structure, collaborative tools, and friendly design.


Built on top of Varbase, the open source Drupal 8 distribution, Vardoc provides powerful functional features such as editorial features, search function, taxonomy, user management, and customizable themes. It also delivers top-notch non-functional requirements such as enterprise security, fast performance, search engine optimization (SEO), accessibility compliance, and many more features.