Terhaal Adventures

Experiencing Adventure Travelling was built by Vardot on Drupal to facilitate a backend booking application to help Terhaal manage and run their business. Lately, Vardot has redesigned and built a new modern theme for Terhaal to enhance the site's experience and perform massive SEO enhancements.
  • Booking engine
  • SEO enhancements
  • Multilingual
Terhaal Adventures
Completed date: 
February, 2013
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With an increase in adventure travelling as a different form of vacation; Terhaal was in need of a system to help them manage their trips and meet the growing demand. Terhaal, an adventure travel pioneer providing sustainable and authentic trips to various parts of Jordan contacted Vardot to determine the best moves for their business.


The Vardot team built the Terhaal site on Drupal to enable trip showcases, highlight deals and improve user experience. The site was fully designed by the Vardot team to enhance usability components and incorporate elements of the Bootstrap UI Library. A complete framework was developed to improve SEO to easily guide potential travellers to the site. Vardot also helped with the ease of ticketing management by building a fully compatible ticketing system so that the Terhaal admins can focus on providing their customers with the best experiences. Today, the Terhaal team completely relies on the site to manage the ticketing system and details of their tours.