Georgetown University, Qatar

School of Foreign Service in Qatar
Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Services in Qatar is a relatively large multilingual web portal with 1800+ indexed pages and 800+ publications on site.
Georgetown University
Completed date: 
November, 2014
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Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar (GU-Q) hosts a dual language, Arabic and English website with 1800+ indexed pages and 800+ publications on the website. Their previous Keybridge Systems Cold Fusion based website suffered from declining performance, lagging speed and an obsolete architecture, on an outdated back-end that was difficult to manage and update. This provided for an ineffective and poor quality user experience and it created difficulties for site editors and administrators.

After a full website audit, it was determined that a complete redevelopment and restructuring of the website was appropriate for the future needs of the campus. GU-Q partnered with Vardot for the complete rebuild of their website from scratch, starting with a remodel of the front-end design in accordance with Georgetown University brand guidelines, a restructuring of the information architecture and a complete back-end rebuild on Drupal CMS.

Drupal as a Scalable Content Management System

Drupal was chosen because GU-Q needed a flexible and scalable content management system that could handle a large number of pages (2,000+), content types, and permission levels, while providing flexibility for users and editors alike.
Additional factors included the large number of high-quality community contributed modules and integrations with third-party software systems.


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